The Sintang Orangutan Rescue Center (SOC) rescues, rehabilitates and releases orangutans back into the wild. In addition to that SOC works on creating awareness by education and socialisation amongst the local people to prevent further deforestation, hunting and orangutans being kept as pets. SOC is based in Sintang in West Kalimantan.

Heroes of the Wilderness

On May 18th, the SOC starred in a prime time Dutch television show called Helden van de Wildernis (Heroes of the Wilderness).

Dutch viewers

Dutch viewers, for more information, please visit the website of Orangutan Rescue.

Nederlandse kijkers voor meer informatie bezoek onze website Orangutan Rescue.




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Prevention & Rescue

In conjunction with the Forestry Police of West Kalimantan, awareness is spread, information is collected and orangutans are rescued from traders or people who kept them as pets.


Rehabilitation & Forest School

After the orangutans have been succesfully through the medical examination and quarantine, they  go to the Socialisation facilities followed by Forest school to learn how to survive in the wild.


Release & Monitoring

The orangutans that are qualified to truly master the skills to survive in the wild, will be taken to the Release area, which is an protected forest where they can live happily ever after.


Orangutan updates

Victoria, the alarm of drinking milk time

Victoria (2 years), female, was evacuated from the Sebindang Village, Badau, Kapuas Hulu in a healthy condition. At the rehabilitation center, Victoria spends more time alone on the ceiling

of the cage, but recently she often seen close with Selly (3 years) and Maya (3 years). They sometimes play on the bed or into the tires that have been made by keeper.


Orangutans can also be afraid of insignificant things

Do you know that orangutans are not only afraid of wild animals in the forest? Several times orangutans in Sintang Orangutan Rehabilitation Center observed afraid on small things.

The sound of squirrel. Almost all orangutan scared of squirrel sounds, from babies to adults. Jamilah, the adult orangutans, will scream a loud noise when she heard a squirrel’s sound, like feeling very threatened. Jamilah will scream loudly until the squirrel’s sound stopped.


Survival skill in the forest: looking for food

Orangutan at Tembak Forest Schools need to learn how to survive in the jungle after they are released. The most important skill is how to find and get their own food. In this video we can see Jojo eat young leaves on trees.

To find out whether the orangutan is ready to be released, every orangutan was observed, and the data collected was analyzed. Including tree climbing skills and the utilization of tree strata.



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