The Sintang Orangutan Rescue Center (SOC) is based in Sintang in West Kalimantan and focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation and release of orangutans back into the wild. In addition to that SOC works on creating awareness by education and socialisation amongst the local people to prevent further deforestation, hunting and orangutans being kept as pets.

When an orangutan has been in captivity for a long period of time they are incapable of surviving in the wild as they lack forest knowledge. As they are removed from their natural environment while still very young, they miss out on the biggest part of their education that an orangutan mother normally would have taught them. In the wild babies stay with their mother till between the age of 5 and even up to 8 years old to learn everything they need to know to survive on their own. The purpose of the rehabilitation is to enable them to develop skills that they have either forgotten or never learnt from their mothers. Skills that the orangutans need to learn during rehabilitation include finding food, moving between trees, making nests, and many other abilities essential survival in the wild.

The rescue, rehabilitation and release process contains various phases, starting from collecting information about where orangutans are being kept illegally in Sintang and surrounding areas, followed by a series of processes as described below.

Flow of the rehabilitation process at SOC


Prevention & Rescue


Rehabilitation & Forest School


Release & Monitoring

Public awareness & education

Information collection of orangutans in captivity





Forest School



Site survey

Release process

Post release monitoring

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