A couple days after releasing two rehabilitated orangutans, SOC rescued another orangutan baby. A year old orangutan baby has kept as a pet for more than 4 months by Utuh, a residence of Mekar Pelita Village, sub district Nanga Sayan, Melawi, West Kalimantan. Utuh said he found that female baby while he worked as a carpenter at the border between Center and West Kalimantan. The animal left alone without its mother nearby. Utuh then brought the animal to his home and from that time, kept her as a family pets. Without knowing about the orangutan conservation status and its behavior, Utuh treated the orangutan just like a domestic pet. He bathes the ape every morning and feed her with human foods and a little milk and canned milk. When the rescue team arrived at Utuh’s house, they found the orangutan in a good condition. The results of the health examination show that that one of her arms had been broken but then recovered. But they don’t know how the animal got the wound. The bones were fused again. 

Although treated the animal with care, Utuh finally willing to give up his beloved animal after Yayasan International Animal Rescue (YIAR) team persuaded him to hand over the orangutans to the authorities. On July 29 2019, SOC rescue joins BKSDA section II Sintang and YIAR to rescue the baby orangutan after traveled more than 1 hour 45 minutes by car, which was then followed by a trip for 1.5 hours. The animal kept in a small wooden box 1×0.5×0.5 meters wide. Before leaving Nanga Sayan, the team provided socialization about orangutan conservation to Pak Utuh’s family and the surrounding community in order to better preserve and preserve the animals and nature they live in.

Photos by SOC team.