Hope in forest school

Hope (5) is part of a close peer group, together with Amory (male, 6), Rocky (male, 8) and Dora (female, 8). As orangutans mainly gain knowledge and acquire skills by social learning, being part of a group is very beneficial for the development of young orangutans. Although Hope is the youngest of the group, her skills already match those of the others.

Hope is a very active orangutan and always in the mood for some fun and excitement. She loves to explore the forest with Amory, to wrestle and to play tag. Despite being younger and smaller, she is much quicker than her friends. One day, Hope found a termite nest. Termite nests are an orangutan delicacy and an important source of protein for the orangutans and Dora tried to take the nest from her. Hope, much more agile than Dora, quickly climbed high up in a tree to eat the termites out of reach of the others.

Hope found a termite nest

Just like Mona, Hope likes to take a bath. A few weeks ago, when it was a really hot day, Hope was spotted near a puddle, hitting the water with her hands, and showering herself. Some other day, she and Amory and Rocky were trying to dig a hole in a puddle. Wet sand is quite difficult to work with but Hope at least used the right tool to scoop away the sand: an empty coconut shell.

Hope after playing with wet sand