Jealousy, the state or feeling of being jealous also appears in orangutans during their rehabilitation process at SOC.

Hope, a little lady orangutan, just starting her forest school day with her group, Amory, Victoria, Felix and Beno. Early morning, she and Amory were exploring the woods high up at trees and eating young leaves together

 while Beno and Felix were playing on the forest floor. Knowing Beno was playing with Felix, suddenly Hope climbed down the tree and came closer to both of them. We thought she would like 


to join Beno and Felix playing together since Beno is one of her closest friends besides Amory. Suddently, jealousy little Hope bit Felix’s hand such as she did not like him to play with Beno. Felix (bigger and older than Hope) then bit back little Hope (but not too hard) too. Still little Hope did not give up till Felix left her and Beno playing together.