Mempawah Police Station which checks and collecting information about Kingkong

On August 25, 2020, SOC received information from the West Kalimantan BKSDA that in Mempawah district there was a resident who owner orangutans. The orangutan was immediately secured by the Mempawah district police on the same day. Therefore, SOC and BKSDA immediately resolved this problem. After a discussion on August 26, 2020, the SOC and BKSDA Kalbar SKW II departed from Sintang to Mempawah. The rescue team that departed consisted of 2 SOC staff and 2 BKSDA staff.

The rescue team departed from Sintang at 9 AM and arrived in Mempawah at 7 PM. After arriving at the Mempawah police station, the rescue team immediately carried out a brief health check and collecting information regarding the orangutan Kingkong. From the results of the medical examination, Kingkong’s condition was quite healthy, she was a little bit stressful because a lots of people there.

Based on information from the owner, Kingkong has been raised for 3 years, she comes from Melawi district and was brought by the owner by bus when she was 2 years old. When Kingkong was kept, she was wearing clothes like humans, and also treated like humans, of course, this caused Kingkong is very depend on humans.

The rescue team brought Kingkong to Sintang on the next day, August 27, 2020. During the trip, she seemed very curious about the new environment. After arriving at the SOC quarantine center in Sintang, she was put in a quarantine cage and await for the medical check.

SOC and BKSDA rescue team

After about two weeks at the SOC quarantine center, finally, on September 7, 2020, a health check for Kingkong was carried out. This health check is an early stage examination for orangutans when they arrive at the quarantine center. This activity aims to see several infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis, Hepatitis-B, HIV/AIDS, and Sars Cov-2. In addition, at this stage, the orangutans also take fingerprint identities and installing chips.

Kingkong’s medical check-in Sintang quarantine center

After the health checks are declared good, Kingkong can be combined with other orangutans in the socialization cage and wait for their turn to enter the forest school. In general, the results of the examination will be known within 3 months. So the Kingkong will be in an isolation cage for the next 3 months.

Kingkong in isolation cage