In the Tembak Forest School,  Mamat was sharing some of the facilities with younger orangutans because of the limited overnight enclosure capacity. Mamat is already an adult male Orangutan with big cheek pads just like our two other big boys Mungky and Matuari. Mamat is much bigger than the other orangutans and has also become very dominant and more aggressive. He often bullies the younger orangutans by biting them, which scares the younger orangutans and makes them reluctant to be close to him. This situation can be stressful for younger orangutans if it occurs for a long time and can interfere with their rehabilitation process in the forest school. Mamat needs to be in his own enclosure and can no longer be combined with other orangutans. Unfortunately we can’t provide that in the Tembak forest school where there are only 3 separate facilities that need to be shared with seven other young orangutans and a young mother (Benazir) and her baby who can also not be combined with other orangutans yet.

A drone shot of the Tembak forest school facilities
Mamat’s last night in Tembak on the 19th of December 2020

Other considerations on why it was better to move Mamat back to Sintang were the fact that when he got the opportunity to go to forest school, Mamat would spent most time just relaxing close to the back area of ​​the clinic and when he would be exploring he only went to the area near the electric wire and rarely ventured further into the forest. On top of that  he also didn’t try to find food and climb trees. We believe this is because Mamat has poor eyesight so he mostly relies on his hearing and smell.

These are some pictures of Mamat in the forest school during 2020

Based on all these considerations, our team finally made the decision to move Mamat back to the Sintang quarantine center on December 19, 2020. By moving Mamat we can provide better opportunities for the younger orangutans to go to the forest schools and reduce the stress experienced by our young orangutans due to Mamat’s bullying. We hope we can build some more overnight enclosures in the Jerora Forest school as soon as possible, so that Mamat and all adult Orangutans presently waiting in Sintang can move to the Jerora Forest School which is more suitable for Orangutans with less city noise and a more natural forest environment.

The transfer of Mamat to Sintang
Here is Mamat already back in the Sintang quarantine center