Mona and Aming when exploring the forest school

Mona and Aming, who recently moved from Jerora to Tembak, now feel perfectly happy in their new environment. They are still very close and like two little explorers they spent much time roaming though the forest school. They are pretty much inseparable. They sleep together in Aming’s nests – although Mona is able to build nests of their own – and whenever Aming is too far ahead in the forest, Mona will loudly call him back.

Mona and Aming when hugging each other

They are now also exploring something else… They have been seen several times trying to mate with each other. As they are both 6 years old, they are far too young to produce any offspring. Most of the time, it’s Aming who takes the initiative, and Mona just lets him. Aming’s amorous appetite is not limited to Mona. He also tried to mate with Terra. He is clearly early in his puberty.

Mona while playing with water

Mona likes to play with water. She often sits at the edge of a puddle, throwing water over herself, like she’s taking a bath. She probably learned this game from Dora when she was still living in the forest school in Jerora. Orangutans cannot swim but even in the wild, orangutans have been seen dangling from a branch hanging over a river and paddling their feet in the water. The only instance known of swimming orangutans is at the river island of Kaja in Central Kalimantan where the frequently flooded forest floor stimulated lower ranking orangutans to go for floating food that had fallen of the feeding platforms and they actually learned to make a few breast strokes to reach these fruits.