Survival skill in the forest: looking for food

Orangutan at Tembak Forest Schools need to learn how to survive in the jungle after they are released. The most important skill is how to find and get their own food. In this video we can see Jojo eat young leaves on trees.

To find out whether the orangutan is ready to be released, every orangutan was observed, and the data collected was analyzed. Including tree climbing skills and the utilization of tree strata.

Additionally, the ability to make a nest in a tree was also observed. Orangutan in Tembak Forest School not only makes the nest for sleep at night, but some orangutans like Jojo, looks several times make their nests for rest during the day.

When orangutans were searching for food, also observed whether they can recognize various types of natural food in the forest, like young stems, barks, young leaves, insects (ants, termites) and fruits. So far, at least 81 types of food were utilized by orangutan. With this information can be known how far orangutan already knows the variety of their natural food.

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