Orangutans can also be afraid of insignificant things

Do you know that orangutans are not only afraid of wild animals in the forest? Several times orangutans in Sintang Orangutan Rehabilitation Center observed afraid on small things.

The sound of squirrel. Almost all orangutan scared of squirrel sounds, from babies to adults. Jamilah, the adult orangutans, will scream a loud noise when she heard a squirrel’s sound, like feeling very threatened. Jamilah will scream loudly until the squirrel’s sound stopped.

Similarly with the baby orangutan when they heard sound of the squirrels, they would embrace each other. When in Tembak Forest School, baby Tera also very scared and scream very loud when she heard the sound of a squirrel. Once upon a time at the Forest School, keeper deliberately imitating the sound of squirrels, Gagas which was above the tree went down and hugging Oscar very tight with fearful.

Chicken. Orangutan also scares of chicken that was accidentally entering the rehabilitation areas. Baby Rocky was very frightened to see the chicken running around the area, then he ran to the top of the cage and covered his head with a leaf.

Not only saw the chicken, some orangutans were afraid just by heard its crowing. Selly was observed very shocked when she heard the chicken crowing, Selly was running scared and hugged Maya. Selly and Maya’s hair stand on end when they heard the crowing.

Outfit. The other things that feared orangutan is keeper’s outfit such as glove. Baby Mona was very scared, she will run up the cage and leaving the fruit given and make a frightened voice.

Elephants picture. Several times baby Digo looked very afraid when saw Dopo (keeper), even though normally is spoiled. Sometimes she seems scared and sometimes seems pamper. After several observations, Digo was scared only when she saw Dopo wearing t-shirt with elephant picture on it.

The things above seem strange to us, but that's the unique facts of orangutan.

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