Terra current condition in Tembak forest school

In October, Terra had her first period. Although she didn’t seem very bothered by it herself, it is a sign that she is growing up fast now. And she has become sexually active as well. Recently, the staff saw her having sex with Leon and Ribang and she also tries to induce the males to stimulate her with their hands.

Her growing interest in men is also showing in her newly developed jealousy towards females – whether they be orangutan or human. She probably sees them as a potential competitor for male attention and when she gets a female in sight, she might start throwing things at them.

The SOC does not encourage pregnancies while the orangutans are still in rehabilitation, so the peer group of Terra, Ribang and Leon has now been split into a male and a female group. This means that Terra is now in an all-female group and seems okay with that. As most of the orangutans in her group have not yet reached sexual maturity, she does not feel threatened by them. Besides, as there are no males present, there’s nothing to argue about.

A few weeks after Terra’s first period, Benazir gave birth to her first baby. Gender and father are still unknown, but mother and child are doing fine. Although Benazir is still very protective of her baby and doesn’t let anyone near it, Terra is very curious about the tiny being that Benazir is holding so close to her. Although Benazir and Terra don’t like each other very much, Terra nevertheless keeps trying to approach Benazir and have a look at the baby. Maybe Terra’s maternal instincts are developing as well.