The translocation process to pick up Sinta from Pontianak airport
to SOC Rehabilitation Center

On April 30, 2021, the Jakarta BKSDA team (Tegal Alur Rescue Center), West Kalimantan BKSDA, and SOC translocated a female Bornean orangutan named Sinta from Jakarta to our center in West Kalimantan. Sinta was handed over voluntarily by her “owner” from Tangerang City. Sinta is about 8 years old and was kept for 7 years. Sinta arrived at Tegal Alur Rescue Center in February 2021 various DNA and medical examinations and to be carried out to confirm the genetic origin of Sinta and her health condition. After that in close coordination with the West Kalimantan nature conservation office (known as BKSDA) was carried out for Sinta’s translocation to Kalimantan where she was entrusted to SOC’s care so that the rehabilitation could be started.

Medical check for Sinta every 2-3 hours
Sinta in SOC rehabilitation center

While being checked at the Jakarta Tegal Alur Rescue Center (built by one of our founders, Dr. Willie Smits), Sinta was kept in a large isolation facility and fed with locally bought fruit. Sinta came to SOC’s Rehabilitation Center on May 1, 2021, after a long journey by air and land, and arrived in good condition. She will undergo an obligatory quarantine period for 3 months in an isolation and quarantine cage at the Jerora Forest School and will undergo additional health checks according to the post-rescue procedure at our SOC project. Hopefully, Sinta can quickly adapt to her new home in Sintang.

Many efforts are still needed to raise awareness for the wider community, that orangutans are not pets, they are protected and endangered animals and do not belong in human homes.

Here is the video process of Sinta Translocation