The transfer orangutans to boat

April 7, 2021, on a sunny morning, when the sun had shone high enough in the sky and the mist had fallen all over, with the high tide of the river, we released 3 more orangutans named Leon (male, 7 years old), Ribang (male, 8 years old), and Viko (female, 8 years) to their real home in Betung Kerihun National Park.

Release preparation
Viko in release location
Leon in release location

At exactly 09.00 WIB, it was the first turn for Leon and Viko to leave from the transport cage and feel how beautiful their real home is. Viko immediately climbed the tree then stopped for a moment to look around her like planning where to go and her next destination while trying the leaves around her, while Leon was still in the transport cage area as if he was looking for something left behind. Apparently, Leon was trying to find the last tomato in his transport cage, he seemed to know that it was the last fruit he would eat before he really had to be independent in his new home. After eating his last tomato, Leon started climbing a tree and started trying to recognize his new home.

Ribang in release location

At 09.30 WIB, it was Ribang’s turn to leave the transport cage after Leon and Vicko had started exploring quite a distance from the transport cage area. As soon as the transport cage was opened, Ribang was immediately excited to climb a tree, as if he had been waiting for his turn to experience his new home. After climbing a tree that was high enough, Ribang and then rested for a long time in the tree, he seemed still confused about where to go next. For us who know and are familiar with these three orangutans, there is a feeling of joy, but also sadness when seeing them finally be able to return to their homes in the majestic rainforest in the heart of Borneo. We hope these three orangutans can live a better life in their new homes.