Victoria and Manfred while explore forest together

Manfred is a male orangutan who was rescued when he was only a few months old. He’s now 2 years old and an active little durak. All the orangutans are very fond of him and his antics, but to Victoria (7) he seems simply irresistible. She is constantly at his side, tempting him to play with her and trying to take care of him. She is so obsessed with him that she even forgets to drink.

Victoria and Manfred while playing together

Manfred, however, is more independent than Victoria will admit. He has a mind of his own and he does what he feels like. Manfred is very close to Tom (3). Very often, when Manfred is distracted by Victoria, he loses sight of Tom and starts to cry. Victoria with her developing motherly instincts, then tries to comfort Manfred, which distracts him again. Poor Manfred seems to be trapped in a vicious circle of Victoria’s suffocating love for him…

Victoria while playing with hitting rock

Fortunately, Manfred does find time to play with Tom and recently they have invented a remarkable game. They found out that when you hit together two rocks really hard, a certain smoky smell comes off. And if you can smell it, you can taste it as well, so Manfred and Tom can now sometimes be seen hitting rocks together and putting them into their mouths. They’re very close from inventing fire and we will be watching them closely…

If you want to see how they playing hitting rocks together, visit this link: