In 22 April 2019, Sintang Orangutan Center welcomed special guests from Victoria Shanghai Academy Hong Kong (VSA). VSA is an important partner and supporter of SOC. VSA supported the building of two baby overnight cages in the first forest enclosure at Jerora forest school.  On April, 22 2019, four teachers from VSA visited Sintang. Not only, visited Jerora forest school, they also met teachers and students around sub district Tempunak Hulu, Sintang for sharing and playing session. 

At Jerora, they symbolically open second cage, allowing for five orangutans to enter forest schools for the first time. The VSA teachers also planted tree and vegetables at sustainable agriculture facility. There was sharing session in Tembak, Sub District Tempunak Hulu with elementary, junior, and senior high school teachers. Then they went to SDN 14 Merayak (elementary school). They also gave donation of sport equipment and stationary for students there.