2006 The Indonesian Gibbon Foundation (YGI) assisted Kobus Foundation in West Kalimantan on animal rescue center, including orangutan. Kobus Foundation who actually did not focus on orangutan rehabilitation, received many orphan orangutans from local people. Few people kept orangutan as a pet. But the animal become too big and dangerous when they grow up. 2008 The Indonesian Gibbon Foundation and Kobus Foundation involved in Primate Helping Primate Program.

2009Orangutan Outreach with COP, JAAN and Kobus Foundation work together as an Orangutan Team. Since there was not legal cooperation between this team and government agency yet, the orangutans then transferred to International Animal Rescue in Ketapang, West Kalimantan.

2010 The Head of West Kalimantan BKSDA Office asked for legal cooperation to rescue, rehabilitate and release orangutan. Legal cooperation between Kobus Foundation and BKSDA announced.

2010-2015 Kobus Foundation agreed to develop Sintang Orangutan Center Programm that focusing on rescue, rehabilitate and release orangutan. Hasudungan Pakpahan became the SOC Programme Manager.

2015 Establish Yayasan Penyelamatan Orangutan Sintang as an independent organisation, separate management from Yayasan Kobus, that responsible in continuing and developing SOC Programm

2014  Opening Tembak Forest School. So far, Xx17 orangutan individuals have been schooled here

July 13th 2017 MoU (Agreement) between YPOS with Betung Kerihun National Park regarding to Orangutan Release Program have been signed. The National Park agreed to provide their area as the releasing site for orangutan from YPOS.

June – September 2017 Develop Release basecamp site and prepare all equipment at Mendalam River

November 2017 Jojo, Juvi and Cemong, the first three orangutans have been released at  Betung Kerihun National Park, Mendalam river, Rongun.

April 19th 2018, Joy, Molly and Bembi have been released at the same site as the first released October 22nd 2018, the second orangutan’s Forest School in Jerora officially run October 25th 2018, YPOS released wild adult male orangutan more upstream from the previous releases.

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Flow of the rehabilitation process at SOC :

Prevention & Rescue :
  • Public awareness & education
  • Information collection of orangutans in captivity
  • Evacuation
Prevention & Rescue :
  • Quarantine
  • Socialisation
  • Forest School
Prevention & Rescue :
  • Site survey
  • Release process
  • Post release monitoring

Visi dan Misi & Sturktur lembaga :

The Sintang Orangutan Center (SOC) is dedicated to the protection of orangutans in their natural habitat through wild research, capacity building, education and public awareness programs, and by supporting numerous on-the-ground efforts to save Southeast Asia's only great ape.